Star Punky Brewster had Macromastia Young

You already know about breast reduction but there is a step beyond large breasts in which a woman’s bosom is so huge she is medically described as having gigantomastia. (It literally means giant breasts.)
To qualify, each breast must weigh at least 10 pounds. Today, many teens afflicted with the condition go under the knife before the age of 17 to reduce both breasts into a more manageable size.
You may have noticed Soleil Moon Frye was in the news for winning a best documentary at the San Diego Film Festival for a film, Sonny Boy, about her Alzheimer-stricken father.
But Soleil was best known for her four-year run as a bright, adorable 12-year-old on Punky Brewster.
As the five-foot-one Soleil matured and grew into a woman, she developed a 38DD bust line which presented a whole host of problems. For one, she could not run for exercise.
If she tried to jog, boys would taunt: “Hey, Punky Boobster!” There were also practical considerations, with Soleil once admitting it was even hard to give somebody a hug.
The medical complications were all too real however; the huge weight caused back problems and made her bra straps painfully dig into her shoulders.
And young love was a problem, too, because no matter how much a teen lad cared for her, the main attraction became…..well, hey, you’ve got the picture by now.
If she moved too much or too fast in a film, her condition showed a massive chest heaving up and down.
It’s a long video, but the first few seconds show Soleil running with a massive bosom, that rises and falls like huge ocean waves.
Back then, Soleil told People Magazine: “People started to think of me as a bimbo.”
Shortly before her 16th birthday, Soleil went under the knife for breast reduction surgery, an operation that was performed on 88,732 women and teens in 2008, the most current year for which statistics exist. (17,902 men also had the procedure in ‘08.)
According to the record books, the problem has been with us for quite a while and was first described by doctors in 1648; the largest recorded weight was 67 pounds per breast.
The only known medical treatment is plastic surgery.
To qualify for the procedure these days, each of the patient’s breasts must tip the scales at a weight of at least 3.5 pounds.


Jean said...

before, men do favor girls with huge breast as its main attractions. but for women bearing it, it is a hell for them. Just like what happened to Soleil Moon Frye. The number of woman who are more conscious on how their breast looks like was getting higher and their remedies is to undergo breast reduction surgery to get away with this bad dreams they have.

Anonymous said...

Where can I find a video with Soleil before her reduction surgery?

Anton Chigurh said...

Dear Punky:
I'm sorry I said those things about you. I take back the comments about "puppies" and how you udderly disappointed us.
I now realize that you are a true artist and I look forward to renting your documentary about your father and his battle w/ Alzheimers disease. You were meant for better things in Hollywood and I'm glad your career is going great for you....

Anonymous said...

'People made comments about my breasts and thought of me as a bimbo.' Tarded logic for breast reduction. With the money saved from not getting mutilated she could of went to a college and went onto a real field (ie; r/d for a large company or grant funded to find a cure for alhzhiemers) instead of produceing documentary of a senile old man followed around by an average looking female.

Anonymous said...


Maxi fan said...

Please act now! Maxi announced to her fans that she's planning a breast reduction surgery, because she can't handle the weight anymore:

We have to stop her! We have to change her mind! She must not do it! Surgeons, please don't cut them off! Maxi, please let them grow! Boob lovers, please spread the word! We have to act NOW, before it's too late!

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

Listen women have the right to desire average. What they don't have the right to is to be given an acting career when their best attribute is self removed. Whether they like it or not just like anyone else were judged by appearances our hair or lack there of, our eyes, the shape of our behinds, our heights, our weight and yes our penis size. Women who perform this procedure like to believe their improving themselves. To some it may, but for the most part especially younger women its a choice made way too young. Unless in case of cancer or cancer risks it should not be decided until a woman is at least 40.

Anonymous said...

The first picture is morphed, in that picture she had already her breasts reduced.

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